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Representing premier manufacturers in the extruded profiles, cold drawn shape, drawn tubing, casting and forging markets.

SAPA: the largest aluminum extrusion company in North America with 16 plants and 53 presses. Press diameters up to 21" Full fabrication, welding, machining, painting and anodizing services.

Alfiniti: drawn Aluminum Tubing from .375" OD - 4" OD. Wall thickness from .029". Common alloys include 1100, 3003, 6063 and 6061.

Dynamic Flowform: cold metal forming process used to produce precise, round, seamless, hollow components. Sizes: 0.250" to 25" diameter up to 30 ft. long. Alloys: Nickel, Cobalt, Stainless, Titanium, Zirconium, Carbon Steels, Aluminums, Tantalum, MP35N, Maraging.

General Dynamics - Garland TX Forging Division: specializes in aluminum closed die forgings. Precision forgings with minimum flash up to 300 square inch plan view, conventional forgings up to 800 square inch plan view. Back and forward extrusions up to 46" long x 22" in diameter. Hand forgings up to 1200 pounds.

Nu-Tech Precision Metal Solutions: specializes in custom extruded shapes, tubes and pipes. Materials extruded include Ti, zirconium, aluminum, copper niobium and stainless steels. Press size up to a 14.5" container. Additionally Electron Beam welding services can be performed.

Fabricated Metal Solutions: one point of contact for managing all facets of the complex production of custom component solutions. Specializing in custom extruded profiles, custom metal components, fabricated product development, and supply chain management.

Metalcam: is capable of forging; Shafts up to 47" diameter and 590" long with weights up to 77,000 lbs, Sleeves up to 95" OD with 2.75" min wall 236" long with weights up to 66,000 lbs, Discs up to 98" Diameter as thin as 4" with weights up to 66,000 lbs and Plates up o 98" wide to 98" thick and 393" long with weights up to 44,000 lbs.

Lindsay: specializes in welded steel tubing from 4" - 10" OD. Wall thickness from .056" - .250". Hot Rolled, Pre-galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized tubing is available.

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